Moving to Qatar from Dubai is Much Easy with AMWAJ Movers

GCC is known a growing business hub in the world. Dubai and Qatar  are competitively more popular than other Countries due to their broad and easy business policies.

Most of the people like to stay in these two growing Arab states, specially  western people are font of Dubai because they can find better and safe environment then their own countries like France, Canada, United States, England etc.
Dubai is also known for its luxury and charming environment and for that’s reason it attract world rich and happy people.

How we can move to Qatar

Qatar is a close neighbor of UAE and their border touches to Abu Dhabi but unfortunately there is no direct road access from UAE to Qatar. We have to go from Saudi Arabia, so we will cross three borders to reach Qatar, 1st Abu Dhabi-UAE border (Sila), 2nd Saudi border(Bata-Salwa) and 3rd Qatar border(Abu Shamra).

Duration/Time by road move

Abu Dhabi is 123 KM away from Dubai. Abu Dhabi border(Sila) is around 380 KM away from Abu Dhabi city and there is 2 KM distance between Sila (Abu Dhabi Border) and Salwa( KSA Border), from Saudi Border (Salwa) Qatar border(Abu Shamra) is around 140 KM while Qatar (Doha) is then only 90 KM away from the border(Abu Shamra) so the total way is 612 KM but if we are going through truck we need 4 to 6 days to reach Doha, it is because in borders they check everything in detail and there is a lot of vehicles waiting for their turn. There are two sides of KSA borders touches with UAE. Near to UAE is called “Batha” while the other side is known for “Salwa”.
Conclusion : Distance between Dubai and Qatar (Doha) is 735 KM.

Home Moving Cost to Qatar

There are below 5 types of cost on the House Move from Dubai to Qatar,
  1. Labour cost : It includes House Packing and Truck loading as well as truck unloading
  2. Dubai Economic Department : During the Home shifting from Dubai to Qatar we have to make a detail list of each movable things and should signed from the Economic Department of Dubai, in Arabic it is called “ Shahadae Mansha “ and it is compulsory for any international home moving.
  3. Custom Duty : Custom Duty is a large part of Home Moving cost from Dubai, people always worried from this part of move, between Dubai to Qatar we have to pay border tax/custom in three places, its depend on the approximate price of the whole items. They deduct Around 15 % from the Total price of the entire Home luggage.
  4. Truck Cost : Cost of the truck are warring with different Home Moving Companies but one thing is remember that size of the Home luggage are not matter in truck moving cost. It is specially in used items or Home luggage because most of the house used items are not too much heavy but only keeps volume.

Risk in the International Move?

There is no risk to move to Qatar from Dubai because insurance in compulsory for any small or large HOME MOVING.

Who can MOVE to Qatar?

Those people can move who keeps VISAS of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Saudi visa we can take for 6 months while for Qatarentry we should take visas on the border.
Difference between Qatar & Dubai
There is no more difference between the two countries, both states are similar specially in Religion, Roles Regulations, Culture, Weather, modern facilities, attractive facilities for western people ,best policies for world Investors, brought and bright minded for NON-Muslim society.
Due to the above large similarities between two stated nations, expiates easily can move to each country specially for Business purpose.


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