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We know that we shifting your house is quite a hectic & stressful process for everyone. The problems increase when you are planning or preparing yourself for shifting your home in the summer because there is extreme heat & higher levels of humidity. It will be more dangerous also when we shift our house in this extreme heat. You may suffer from sunstroke. So, plan your shifting your house if possible before the month of May. At that time the weather is pleasant & there will be no extreme heat outside & you will not feel sick also. Also this is the season when the demand of the movers & packers significantly increases because most of the families choose this time to relocate. If you want to save yourself from the heat & save money, then our moving & packing tips will help you & you will make your summer relocation hassle free. Prepare Mentally Firstly you have to prepare yourself for the moving & shifting process. Once you are mentally prepared then everything will go fast & safe. It is harder to prepare yourself. Once things are sorted your half of the work will be done & half of the work will be done by professional’s movers & packers in UAE. Plan your things When we know packing & shifting is costly, in that case never schedule your shifting in a hurry. you have to avoid the moving & packing as much as possible, if it's an emergency then you can. If you are aware that after a many months you are going to have a transfer or you have to face a transfer process, start planning after knowing about your transfer. This way you will get the best solution for movers & packers in UAE. You will get time to choose the best service provider in UAE & will also help you in choosing the stuff which you want to carry to your new house. Never disclose the right date of the transfer, if the best service provider knows about your urgent requirement, & they will definitely charge more from you, after seeing your urgency of the transfer. & at that point in time, movers & packers you will feel helpless, & you will get another option & then you have to pay a lot. So, schedule everything before household & shifting, so that everything goes in your favor. Choose Early Morning When you are relocating the house in the summer season then always choose the early morning time for the moving & packing. At that time heat will be less & you will get more fresh. Discard & sort the items One of the top requirements of planning to moving & packing is to sort out a few things. This means separates the things which are not required in the new house & which are required. Make two different sections of the things. Practically speaking of English, always carry lesser things with you, so that you don't have to pay much. It is better to sell out the older stuff & the goods which you haven't used for a long time in your life & there is no chance to be used in the future items. This way you will be able to reduce your load & you will be able to save money for moving & packing. By selling the old stuff you will get money also or you will get some extra pocket money. Also, you can donate things. Comfortable Apparels The summer season is one of the good & wonderful seasons that can give you a great experience of house shifting. In summer season when all young family members are on holiday you will get a lot of helping hands also. But the difficult part of the summer season is hot winds & hot waves in Dubai. For that, you need to wear some comfortable dress & these clothes will give you some relief from the heat. Always wear cotton clothes & easy clothes. Always go for light colors in summer. Also, you can wear sunglasses & sun block lotions which will give protection for your skin. Prepare for Health Whenever you plan for something, always be safe about the planning process. Learn about the proses & cash of the situation & then plan. If you are planning for summer moving & shifting, then it is important to prepare for your health is important. Take all the precautionary goods that will be required in the summer. Prepare your water containers & water bottles ready because they will keep you hydrated for movers & packers Drink lots of water. After every 15 -20 minutes’ drink water. Packing precautions When moving & packing the household items on your own then you must follow packing & moving precautions. Always make separate carters of household & packing goods & valuable items because valuable items might get damaged due to extreme heat. Things which have to be separately packed & moved like phone, chargers, laptop, tablets, Led, etc. Always Choose the shortest route If you don't want to waste your day travelling during the hot summer day then do some research & talk with your movers & packers about the best route. Try to figure out two or three different way to the desired destination & always choose the shortest route for your delivery. Also you need to maintain the communication speech with your driver & movers & packer’s
specialists so that you can receive regular updates of your items. This way you will reduce some amount of time spent in the sun during the summer & you can save yourself from the heat.


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