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Country to country moversMoving abroad is not an easy task. With so many things to plan you have to make a very good preparation in order to complete your moving successfully. Why is this topic so important? Well, choosing the right one amongst the plenty of country to country moving companies is crucial for the success of your relocation process. There are many international movers you can find but not all of them offer the best services even though the moving companies may claim otherwise on the phone or on their websites. In order to protect yourself from scam you need to know how to select your foreign country mover.

Get 3 to 5 International Moving Companies Quotes

Your moving companies search should begin by getting international moving companies quotes. This is how you will know what are the international moving companies prices and how much your move will cost you. When you get the quotes ask the companies a few important questions that are price forming:
  • what services does the quote include (is packing and packing materials in it for example?)
  • what other services does the mover offer
  • in order to know what is the cost of each service ask to see a list with all the services offered and their cost
  • what’s the valuation that you will get and can you put extra insurance on more pricey/ important goods for you
Getting to know these details related to the international mover’s quotes will direct you on to what you can expect to pay to each of the country to country moving companies that give you an estimate.

The Next Step

After selecting your company inform yourself of several major questions:
International move
For your international move you need to consider well who will do the packing – your items have a very long way to go.
  • how much experience does the company have with international moves
  • how is the personnel trained and for how long have the people currently employed been working in the organization
  • what is the time to wait till you have your things unloaded at your new home
  • as you arrange the moving date ask if there are any extra charges if you choose a particular day
And then you’re all set and ready to go! When arranging a moving day have some buffer time – you need to have at least a day between the day when the truck comes to load your belongings and your take off. Although you might have made sure that you have hired a good international moving company unexpected situations might occur. Issues like weather change and traffic that cannot be controlled or predicted perfectly accurately should be taken into consideration.

Why You Need International Movers and Packers

Handling your personal belongings should be left in the hands of a country to country mover. Why? Most times your luggage when relocating overseas is transported in metal containers. Then those containers are loaded on the ship with cranes. Your luggage must be packed in a way so to withstand the drop of the metal container from the crane on to the ship and later on the shifting during carrying. Leaving the packing to a professional country to country mover will give you a high level of certainty that your goods will be safe during shipping. Can you pack all items – precious, collectibles, artwork, china, electronics, etc. well for a long, long trip? If you’re not sure, you better not take the chance.

Alert: Read International Moving Companies Reviews

Country to country moving reviews
You want a happy cross border moving experience? Read reviews so you can sift out which country to country mover to hire!
International moving companies reviews can direct you onto what the reputation of a moving company is and how professional it is. Country to country moving companies may have a different approach to work but the reputable ones will be reliable. That is why we recommend checking a company with its USDOT number in order to isolate from your search movers that are not enough debonair, compliant and qualified. You can also take a look at the BBB and AMSA database. A great way to learn more about country to country movers and international moving companies reviews is to ask people who have recently moved. It will take you just one second to post this article on your twitter, g+ or facebook page and ask your friends there to tell you more information if they have any. That way you can even get recommendations from people you know for some good international moving companies. And the best recommendation is always the one from experience! If you don’t trust these words take a look at the reviews at MyMovingReviews and see for yourself the warnings and the advice that you’d get from all the good and bad reviews posted.

Plan Your Timing Right

Consider in your plans also the time for bringing your shipment to your new home. It is several weeks – from one month to Western Europe to two months or more to inland countries. The time can also vary depending on customs and how busy the movers are. Time matters for another reason as well – do you need to be at the customs when your goods are reviewed? This question is important to answer before you arrange the details for your trip. If your items stay at the customs when you should be already there to pick them up additional charges might apply. Take with you valuables like jewels, documents, credit cards, etc. – don’t pack these and don’t give them to the movers. You can ask the movers for a complete list of the items that are not covered by valuation and the things forbidden for moving. Don’t hesitate to ask any question to the moving company – they are the ones who are experts in the international relocation and should be aware of what to expect and the ways to handle any difficulties. Keep in touch with your mover, keep your communication and all should go well.
These tips will guide you on finding the most reputable international moving companies for your relocation. If you think that there are more important details to consider when planning your country to country move and hiring international moving companies you can share your comments below. Feel free to tell us about your ideas and experience!
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