How to pack arts and wine collection

Packing arts like paintings and sculptures, or a wine collection is tricky. At the very least, you need to buy special boxes for your valuable paintings. You will have to enwrap them in packing paper, use a couple of layers of packing paper. And do not forget to layer the bottom of the box with crumpled paper and fill the empty space with paper or peanuts. For your wine collection, you should use wooden boxes. Moreover, you should discuss the transportation of antiques and artwork with your mover. Moving such items requires climate-controlled vans. Your mover might provide special custom-made crates for your sculptures.
After taping each box, do not forget to label it “fragile” and “this side up”. Mind that your items should be packed and loaded properly in the moving truck. Light items go over the heavier ones. Write descriptive labels on boxes to facilitate the unpacking process.
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