Moving Out 101 Tips

Moving out is something that every person needs to think of well before actually doing it. You should be well acquainted with all the important details starting from preparation, finding a moving company, deciding which moving services to request, packing, moving day and so on. This guide should direct you with the most important 101 tips on moving out and saving some money, too, that you should be aware of.

Moving Out 101 Tips

  1. If it is your first time moving out don’t be ashamed to ask your parents to help you. Remember that they have had their first time moving out, too.
  2. Make a list of all the things to do.
  3. Organize time, money, people and all the things to do in order to minimize unexpected situations.
  4. When you know you are moving you may wish to clean your living place. There are things you can do in advance and will save you time when moving comes. You can clean the fridge, cupboards, drawers and wardrobes even weeks before moving day.
    101 moving out tips list
    An important moving out tip is to make a list of all the things you need to do for your moving.
  5. You can get advantage of free phone apps that you can use on your phone.
  6. Look for cheap packing materials. An option is to as friends and family and save money when moving out.
  7. One of the best moving out 101 tips is to ask for supermarkets to set aside some boxes for you so you don’t have to buy new ones.
  8. Or you can rent boxes – instead of purchasing them and paying for ropes and tape, too.
  9. Use standard sized boxes when moving out – if your boxes are too big they may be difficult to carry.
  10. Use boxes of only one size – it is easier to fill in, load and unload.
  11. Get more boxes than you think you need – you might find out that you have more items to pack than you have expected.
  12. Put books in boxes to lie down. It is more convenient to arrange and safer to carry.
  13. Don’t pack too many books in a box – it will be difficult to bring up.
  14. Supply yourself with enough packing materials or ask movers to bring them but of course don’t forget to ask for the cost of that.
  15. When packing, start early – as early as you can – if possible begin two months before moving day.
  16. Pack one or two boxes every day so you won’t have to do everything in the last minute and forget something.
  17. Pack first things that you won’t need or use.
  18. In every box put heaviest things in first.
  19. You may wish to use extra strong double ply boxes for heavy items.
  20. Use enough tape to secure the boxes.
  21. In the truck use ropes to keep all items in stable.
  22. Handle with care breakable items like cups and dishes.
  23. Have enough time in advance to pack your kitchen – it may take you a lot of time.
  24. Sign “fragile” on the boxes that is necessary.
  25. Use extra bubble wrap and packing paper for cushioning where necessary.
  26. Keep valuables with you – don’t leave documents or expensive items in the hands of people you don’t know.
  27. Pay special attention to how you are packing your electronics for moving and especially your computer.
  28. Sign the boxes that have appliances in them with “electronics”.
  29. Fill every box completely to save from space and packing materials.
  30. Prepare “unpack first” boxes – put in them things that you will need on the first day at your new home.
  31. If your child has a favorite cup you may put that in this box, too.
    Moving out 101 tips boxes
    A great moving out 101 tips is to secure boxes well with tape, especially if you are going to put heavy items in them.
  32. Let every child have their own suitcase with things for moving day in which they can put their toys, papers and some crayons.
  33. Label boxes with their content.
  34. The next moving out 101 tips is to put clothes in bags when moving out in order to save space in the truck and in your home.
  35. In the meantime get rid of things you won’t be taking with you – organize a moving sale or donate some things.
  36. You can also sell some thing online.
  37. That is going to be useful for especially if you are moving to a smaller place in which case you should consider leaving behind some furniture as well.
  38. You can also give away some of the things you wish to leave behind to close to you people who really need them.
  39. Let kids and pets be on a safe place during moving.
  40. If you want to teach your children to important things you can have them around you and they can help with packing.
  41. There are items forbidden for moving like flammables and dangerous substances.
  42. Moving by yourself or using the services of a moving company? If you go with option one, you can save some money. If you decide to hire a mover you will save time and effort and there is a much higher chance of having an impeccable moving.
  43. Moving out is related to a lot of work that is exhausting so hiring a moving company may be a great relief.
  44. Set aside a budget for moving and try to stick to it.
  45. Besides heavy furniture you will have so many boxes to move that it won’t be any wonder if at the end of the moving day you are grateful to yourself for not having to do everything on your own.
  46. Use elevators for carrying things if possible.
  47. While looking for a moving company do a good selection by checking the movers in detail.
  48. Make sure the company you hire is licensed.
  49. One important moving out 101 tips is finding a reputable company so that you know you can rely on it.
  50. Do look for a mover near you – that could also save you some extra expenses, too.
  51. Check reviews on moving companies.
  52. Always ask for exact and specific answers to everything.
  53. Read everything well before signing.
  54. Before picking one particular moving company get quotes and compare the prices you get.
  55. Ask for the costs of extra services like packing and packing materials.
  56. Ask for a moving insurance – what does the moving company offer and how much does it cost.
  57. Acquaint yourself with the hidden moving costs.
  58. Beware of scammers – signs for them are a very low price and unprofessional attitude.
  59. Another moving out 101 tips that is important is asking your friends and family to be with you and help you during moving.
  60. There is a difference in cost between moving locally and moving long distance.
  61. Also, there is a difference between hiring a broker and hiring a moving company.
  62. If you are moving at a long distance take in your car all the essentials so they can be at your disposal when you need them.
  63. If you don’t understand anything ask the movers.
  64. Arrange a moving day with the movers that is convenient for you.
  65. Ask how much is the deposit you would have to pay for movers – usually it varies between 10% and 15%.
  66. Prepare your home for moving day and for the movers – protect floors, carpets and walls.
  67. Another important moving out 101 tips is having before moving day comes all the cleaning materials you will need so you can clean after the movers.
  68. Inform your landlord in due time that you are leaving.
  69. If you are moving to another state see if your bank has a branch there and if not, search for another bank that has conditions which suit your requirements.
  70. On moving day have a close person you can rely on with you to help you.
  71. Change your address at the post office.
  72. Let utility companies and close to you people be informed as well.
  73. Meet your new neighbors before moving in.
  74. Walk around the neighborhood and check where important institutions and places are located – school, post office, supermarkets, etc.
  75. Check for clubs and social activities at the new city you are going to.
  76. Make sure that all utilities at your new home are functioning before you actually move in.
  77. It is more expensive to move at the end of the month than at any other day.
  78. Moving in off peak season can also save you money.
  79. Estimate how much time you will need for every step in your list with the moving process and plan ahead more time for every activity – in this way if you are late with one of your deadlines that won’t delay the others.
  80. The best moving out 101 tips option is moving in the middle of the week – in this way you can give yourself enough time and also save money as moving in the weekend may be more expensive.
  81. Be ready on moving day to pay the rest of your cost for hiring movers.
  82. When the time for moving comes think if you may need extra people to do the loading of the truck – after all you don’t want to spend all the day and the night after it on this task, as well.
  83. Get a good rest the night before moving day – go to bed early and get up early so you can be concentrated to do your moving work well.
  84. Tip the movers.
  85. Think about how to plan your first day in your new home.
  86. Make a floor plan before moving day and give it to your movers.
  87. Try to sign your lease in advance a few days before the moving so you can bring some basic things in it in time.
  88. If you can do that one or two weeks in advance you will also have the time to arrange some things at your new living place like do some painting on it.
  89. Before going in your new home take some photos. Then if the landlord wants to tax you extra for damages you didn’t do you can prove him wrong.
  90. Check about the possibility to park the moving truck near your new living place and see if you will need to have a special permit or pay a tax.
  91. Check if you will need a permit for storage containers like POD.
  92. When arriving at your new home unpack the bed first so you can get a good rest and have some sleep before doing the rest of the work.
  93. Let some bed linen be also waiting for you ready to be used.
  94. When your items have been unloaded take every box to its corresponding room before unpacking.
  95. Give the kids their boxes so they can start unpacking – if you make it like a game they may be willing to help. And this will be a positive learning experience for them.
  96. Unpack last the things you don’t immediately need to use.
  97. Have some food with you to take along on moving day when moving in to your new home.
  98. Also have some drinks available at your new place waiting for you when you move in.
  99. Have your essentials unpacked before you take your pets back in.
  100. Don’t forget to take the time to rest, relax and have fun during moving!
  101. Keep stress away and enjoy the new opportunities ahead of you!


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